Stories from Fiji: Part II

We first learned two Fijian words: Bula and Vinaka. Bula means hello, and vinaka is thank you. The Fijians were unbelievably friendly and remembered our name as soon as we said them. It felt like we were building a little holiday family very quickly. Bula, David! Bula, LeeAnna! Oh, and how they laugh. Between being frequently called by our first names and hearing such charming laughter, it me took no time to be completely won over.

Now, my understanding of physics is terribly limited, so I couldn’t even begin to make a stab at explaining if time exists. However, I can tell you one thing is very real— Fiji Time. After no longer than 24 hrs on the island, we were holding time like a wet piece of soap. Having every meal whenever and wherever we wanted to, drinking tropical cocktails at any hour, and piddling around like it was our job. Without a television or laptop to keep ourselves endlessly entertained, we reverted to circadian rhythms. The sun set around 6 o’clock every evening, and to my bewilderment, I naturally woke up every morning at sunrise. Tres bizarre. Every rising and setting of the Fijian sun was witnessed.

April 2014