Stories from Fiji: Part V

Fiji was turning out to be quite the tropical Wonderland. Flora resembled swirly, old fashioned candy sticks and ribbon candy. The lollipop plant and frangipani flowers might as well have started talking.

Never in my life have I seen so many hermit crabs. Or, more gigantic geckos. On my first sighting, I actually thought the gecko in question was an oversized figurine mounted on the wall. Then, it turned its head. And, looked straight into my eyeballs. Eels were another creature that we saw plenty of, and dually gave me the heebie-jeebies. Among the more charming animals were the colorful crabs, the brilliantly blue Kingfisher, and the butterflies which climbed on our fingers. 

It is true that “I see what I eat” is not the same as “I eat what I see.” Nevertheless, we nibbled nearly every tasty thing we saw.  

In Savusavu town, we found homemade ice cream in flavors like honey ginger chai, cashew praline, and cinnamon. We even tempted ourselves with the dessert special, the cleverly-named Banana Kayak. It was absolutely delicious, and we found ourselves teetering on the edge of an ice cream binge.
However, we used some restraint. Inside the supermarkets, curiosities were on every aisle. One salty snack caught my attention: UFO's. Unusually Flavored Objects. In this case, burger flavored. We found them betwixt chicken and cheese flavored Twisties, and Yumo's- “The Big Snack!”. For a while, I stood and stared at this spectacle. We were also not so accustomed to seeing so much corned mutton.

Indulgence is an expected characteristic of Travel, however we have learned one thing- you should not ingest everything that seems to say, “Eat me.”

April 2014