Stories from Fiji: The Departure

Even before we left the island, I could imagine the gentle pangs of Fiji-homesickness. It seemed that Fiji didn’t want us to leave, either. We disembarked the tiny plane with approximately 50 minutes to transfer in Nadi. We had already checked-in to our final destination. Yet, somehow, the airline gave our seats away, and we were genuinely left to our own devices. It was a scenario where you rather pop a blood vessel in your brain or practice meditation. David dealt with the airline, while I sent optimistic wishes into the aether and tried to look as nice as possible, in hopes that someone would want to help us. Exactly two seats opened on a different airline, leaving a few hours after our anticipated departure time!

It was a bittersweet farewell, but we were rolling right into another exciting adventure… 
New Zealand.

April 2014