Stories from Fiji: The Prologue

We were still riding the wave of our wedding weekend-happiness at the New Orleans airport. It was the most fun I’ve ever had waiting for a flight. We ran into members of our wedding party, squeezed in one more meal from home, and savored leftovers of our intoxicatingly delicious wedding cake. (Thank you TSA for not confiscating it.) Not to mention, we were on our way to Fiji. Fiiiiijiiiii! Aerial-related metaphors started to blend with reality. Our plane was on top of the world. We were over the moon. We would come to find that our trip would mirror many aspects of a wedding, itself. Experiences worth reliving, wonderful people, a few inevitable hiccups… And, the most sincere sense of “being in your own world” that one could imagine. 

I’m not sure if I ever took off my rose-colored glasses in Fiji. And, if I did- it was only to peer over them for just a moment. 

April 2014